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American Muscle Girls™ is about empowering women - lifting limits placed on them and providing them with support and mentorship to reach their true potential.

Being a Muscle Girl™ is a mindset above all.  It's about developing a strong mind, spirit and body and becoming a happier, healthier, more confident woman.

American Muscle Girls™ is the team for women who desire to enter physique competition and to do it right! It is also for women who wish to take their competing to the next level!

Physique competition is an individual sport but it is definitely not a solitary endeavor. In the NPC and IFBB, many of the most successful athletes work with a team to receive support, coaching, encouragement and information.

Founded by IFBB Pro Cinzia Massaro Clapp and her husband, trainer and nationally recognized diet coach, Shawn Clapp, the team is a sister team to Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness™.  Coach Cinzia had been a member of Save Fitness™ since the beginning of both her fitness competition career and the beginning of Save Fitness™. She benefited immensely from the mentorship of her Coach, Tanji Johnson, and her sisters and team mates of Save Fitness™.

"Without Tanji's guidance and support, and without the drive that came from knowing I had my team mates behind me, I know I would never have done as well as I have. Being a part of Tanji's team allowed me to share great moments with other women who shared in my passion and also kept me going when I know I may have otherwise given up. The positive peer pressure that results from being a part of a team meant all the difference in the world to me"

One of the first Save Fitness Teams at Team Universe in New York with Alicia Marie

 Early Save Fitness™ Team Members at NPC Team Universe in Manhattan, NY

Understanding how critical being a member of a team had been to her success, Coach Cinzia desired to bring that same opportunity to the women of Alaska so, together with Coach Shawn,in 2011 she founded Team 907 Muscle Girls™.

The members of Team 907 Muscle Girls™ have benefited from regular team practices, seminars and camps as well as an exclusive online private community where they can network with each other as well as their coaches and mentors in Alaska and around the country. It's the opportunity to get connected on a national level that draws many women to a team such as 907 Muscle Girls™.

907 Muscle Girls™ in Denver after the 2014 NPC / IFBB Mile High

Interest grew around the country as women witnessed the level of cooperation and team spirit exhibited by 907 Muscle Girls™ while they travelled to the many competitions they attend.  

Team members have spanned the globe from Texas to Virginia to Iraq and Afghanistan and even South Africa.  This eventually led to the creation of Team American Muscle Girls™, Lone Star Muscle Girls™ in Texas and, most recently Team Idaho Muscle Girls™.  


Muscle Girls during one of the many practices held at the Muscle Girl headquarters.

All these women work together in support of their fitness goals and receive world class coaching from two of the top coaches in the nation.  If you are interested in becoming a Muscle Girl™ or would like more information, fill out the contact form and a team member will get back to you shortly.


Train Like a Girl - an American Muscle Girl!™